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Dal-Rasam-Sambar Varieties

  1. Sambar Recipe | How to make Sambar Recipe | (Sambar for Rice)
  2. Split Green Dal Recipe | How to make Split Green Dal Recipe | (Chilke Wali Moong Dal Curry for weight loss)
  3. Black Masoor Dal Recipe | How to make Black Masoor Dal | (Weight loss recipes)
  4. Nizami Dal Tadka Recipe | How to make Nizami Dal Tadka | (weight loss recipes)
  5. Sorakaya Pappu Recipe | How to make Sorakaya Pappu | (Bottle Gourd Dal)
  6. Chukka Kura Pulusu Recipe | How to make Chukka Kura Pulusu | (Green Sorrel Stew)
  7. Pesara Kattu Recipe | How to make Pesara Kattu | (no onion no garlic)
  8. Dal Fry
  9. South Indian Rasam Recipe -- How to make South Indian Rasam
  10. Gongura Pappu/Dal with Sorrel Leaves
  11. Beerakaya Pappu -- How to make Beerakaya Pappu -- Dal with Ridge Gourd
  12. Menthi Majjiga Recipe -- How to make Menthi Majjiga (Menthi Majjiga Andhra style)
  13. Mor Kuzhambu Recipe | How to make Mor Kuzhambu Recipe | (Majjiga Pulusu Recipe)
  14. Beetroot Kootu
  15. Pesara Pappu Pulusu
  16. Kandi Pappu Pulusu Recipe | How to make Kandi Pappu Pulusu | (Toor Dal Stew)
  17. Andhra Pappu Charu Recipe | How to make Pappu Charu |(Pappu Charu recipe)
  18. Potlakaya Pindimiriyam/Pindimiriyam
  19. Dhappalam
  20. Plain Rasam/Chaaru
  21. Chintakaya Ava Pulusu Recipe | How to make Chintakaya Pulusu recipe (Andhra Style)
  22. Pulusu Garelu
  23. Garlic Rasam/Vellulli Chaaru
  24. Cabbage Pachchi Kootu
  25. Curry Leaves Rasam Recipe | How to make Curry Leaves Rasam Recipe (Healthy Rasam)
  26. Dosakaya Pulusu
  27. Kandi Kattu
  28. Kakarakaya Pindimiriyam
  29. Garlic Rasam
  30. Muvvankaya Pulusu
  31. Vankaya Pulusu Pachchadi
  32. /Vankaya Pulla Bajji
  33. Palakura Pappu/Dal Palak
  34. Thotakura Pulusu/Soup with Amaranthus Leaves
  35. Tomato Soup
  36. Pachi Pulusu
  37. Majjiga Charu Recipe | How to make Majjiga Charu | (Buttermilk Stew)
  38. Nimmakaya Charu/Lemon Rasam
  39. Tomato Pappu/Dal with Tomato
  40. Tomato Coconut Rasam -- Kobbari Tomato Chaaru
  41. Dosakaya Pappu Recipe | How to make dosakaya pappu | (Dal with Yellow Cucumber
  42. Sambar - How to make Sambar -- Sambar Recipe
  43. Tomato Rasam -- How to make Tomato Rasam -- Tomato Chaaru
  44. Ridge Gourd Dal -- Beera Pichu Pulusu -- Ridge Gourd Recipe -- How to make Ridge Gourd Dal
  45. Andhra Bachalikura Ava Pulusu Recipe | How to make Bachalikura Ava Pulusu Andhra Style | (side dish for rice)
  46. Raw Mango Rasam -- Raw Mango Rasam Recipe - Mamidikaya Chaaru
  47. Dal with Tomato without Onion -- Tomato Pappu -- How to make Tomato Dal without Onion
  48. Mamidikaya Pappu Recipe | How to make Mamidikaya Pappu | (Dal with Raw Mango)
  49. Green Sorrel Dal -- Chukka Kura Pappu -- How to make Chukka Kura Pappu
  50. Gangavalli Kura Pappu -- Dal with Purslane
  51. Gongura Pulusu -- Soup with Sorrel Leaves -- Gongura Pulusu Recipe
  52. Dal Tadka -- How to make Dal Tadka -- Dal Tadka Recipe
  53. Khatti Dal -- How to make Khatti Dal -- Khatti Dal Recipe
  54. Poondu Kuzhambu Recipe -- Onion Garlic Pulusu -- Ullipaya Pulusu Recipe
  55. Simple Garlic Rasam Recipe -- How to make Simple Garlic Rasam Recipe
  56. Chinta Chiguru Pappu Recipe -- How to make Chinta Chiguru Pappu Recipe
  57. Ulavacharu Recipe -- Horsegram Lentil Soup -- How to make Ulavacharu at Home
  58. Chintakaya Pesarappu Pulusu Recipe -- How to make Raw Tamarind Green Gram Soup
  59. Bachali Kura Ava Pulusu -- How to make bachalikura ava pulusu -- Malaysian Spinach with Mustard Soup
  60. Jeera Rasam Recipe -- How to make Jeera Rasam
  61. Inguva Charu Recipe -- How to make Inguva Chaaru
  62. Dal Makhani Recipe -- How to make Dal Makhani
  63. Varan Recipe -- How to make Maharashtra Varan
  64. PesaraPappu Charu Recipe -- How to make PesaraPappu Charu -- MoongDal Rasam Recipe
  65. Healthy Rasam Recipe -- How to make Healthy Rasam Recipe -- easyvegrecipes
  66. Gongura Pulusu Recipe -- How to make Gongura Pulusu -- easyvegrecipes
  67. Sambar for Idli Recipe -- How to make sambar for Idli at home -- easyvegrecipes
  68. Aratikaya Pindi Miriyam Recipe -- How tomake Aratikaya Pindi Miriyam (Pindi Miriyam recipe South Indian style)
  69. Instant Tomato Rasam Recipe | How to prepare Tomato Rasam (Karnataka Style)
  70. Tomato Pulusu Recipe | How to make Tomato Pulusu | Thakkali Kuzumbu (Chettinad Style)

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