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3 Basic offerings to goddess Varalakshmi for Shravana Shukravaram (Friday) Puja

Hi friends, thank you all for visiting my website and @EATeasyvegrecipes youtube channel. Today I am posting the 3 basic offereings to the goddess Varalakshmi for Shravana Shukravaram puja or on Varalakshmi Vratam puja. It is mainly celebrated in Telugu states of India and Telugu people across the globe. Normally Shravana Masam comes in the months of July or August of the gregorian calendar. According to the Hindu Lunar Calendar Śrāvaṇa (Sanskrit: श्रावण) is the fifth month. The Varalakshmi puja is performed on 2nd Friday or on the Friday that comes before the full moon day of Shravana Masam. Though we can do the puja on all Fridays in the Sharvana Masam, but the main festival falls on the specific day, i.e. 2nd Friday of the month. It can be performed by both married women as well as unmarried girls too. It is for the well being of the family and the self. Here I am not giving Dos and Don'ts of the puja, it varies from family to family. Here I am giving the list of the basic offerings or prasadams we are supposed to do to the goddess.

3 Basic offerings to goddess Varalakshmi
The main important prasadams are:
Vadapappu(Soaked Moong Dal) and Panakam(Jaggery water),
Daddojanam(dhadhi means curd - Curd Rice),
In the above mentioned prasadams vadapappu and panakam are regular prasadams/offerings in every festival. Normally they are not counted along with other offerings, but they will be there. They are very easy to make. Below I am giving every single item separately and giving the post link and also video link except to vadappau and panakam. Follow the instructions and enjoy your festival with a moment of happiness!!!
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