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Urupindi Vadiyalu -- Sesame Seeds Residue Cutlets

In my earlier dish with sesame seeds residue I gave all the info about sesame seeds and its residue. We make another dish with it that is urupindi vadiyalu. They are not like any other papad, but they are called like that. We need not fry them in oil, have them directly. It is a good accompaniment to curd rice or rice with buttermilk. They are made very little quantity as they won't last long and we cannot bear the odour.
Make them only if you can bear the odour.
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Powdered Telagapindi/Sesame Seeds Residue - 1/2 cup
Green Chillies - 2 or 3
Salt - to taste
Carom Seeds/Ajwain/Vamu - 2 tsp
Garlic - 5 to 7 pods


Soak talagapindi in water for about eight hours. Add only enough water to make thick paste out of it. 
Grind green chillies, salt, carom seeds and garlic into a paste.
Add this paste to the above soaked residue. Make thick paste out of it. 
The thickness of residuemix should be like that of chapati dough.
Make small pattis with it, like we do to make cutlets. 
Sun dry them for one day. We need not dry them completely. A little moisture will be there in the residue cutlets. 
That's all sesame seeds residue cutlets or urupindi vadiyalu are ready to serve. Serve them along with curd rice or with buttermilk.


  1. తెలగపిండి వడియాలు నువ్వుల కేక్ తోనే చేస్తారా?

  2. అవును. తెలగపిండి వచ్చేది కూడా దాని నించే కదా.

  3. Paina cheppindi telaga pindi vadiyalena???

  4. Vadiyalu gattiga aypothe, vaatini mettha ga cheyyataniki emaina chitka undha madam?


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