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Potato Chips || Aloo Chips || Potato Chips Recipe -- How to make Potato Chips at Home

Potato chips are all time favourite to one and all, particularly kids. Whenever we go to any birthday party all kids fall for the chips, they repeatedly get their plates for chips. I haven't seen one person who says I don't like potato chips. Such kind of reputation they have. We get them from the local vendors who make instantly. They make too much crispy and oily also some times. I am scary about the oil they use. 
So I wish to make at home only, we can make them in two ways. One is instant i.e. make them as and when we require them. Slice them directly into the hot oil, fry them and take them out. Add salt and chilli powder. The second method is slice them, put them in hot water and sun dry and keep them in an airtight container for further use also.

Today I posting only sun dried chips. Instant method will also come later. 


Potatoes/Aloo - 1 kg or as many as you want 
Water - to boil chips
Salt - 1 or 2 tbsp (before adding chips pls. taste water, they should not be too salty)


Peel the skin of potatoes.
Wash them under running water for  few seconds.
Again drop them in water, so that they do not loose their color. 
Slice them using a slicer, we can cut them with knife also but the size differs. 
They should not be too thick or too thin. 
Drop them also in water to retain their color. 
Mix water and salt in a huge bowl. Bring it to a rolling boil.
We need as much water as to immerse all the chips in it at one go. If we cannot do like we can do them repeatedly also, it is our convenience.  
Simmer the stove and slowly drop the chips into it. 
Blanch them for one to two minutes in the water, or till the chips softens. 
Remove the slices from water with a slotted ladle and arrange them on a plastic sheet.
Put them under sun dry for one or two days depends on the heat. Or till they dry completely.
Once they are dried completely keep them in an airtight container. 

Procedure for frying them:

It is very simple, Heat oil and drop them slowly and fry them.
Sprinkle some salt and red chilli powder. Mix well. 
Healthy home made potato chips ready to serve.
Serve them with sambar or any dal or just like an evening snack to kids.

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