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Saggubiyyam Vadiyalu/ Sago Fryums/ How to make Sago Fryums at home

Another recipe of the season saggubiyyam vadiyalu/sago fryums. My favorite sun dry item. I wish to have them on my daily diet, but scary about deep fry. But whenever I get a chance I make them. Kids also love them a lot.
The preparation involves some time and patience. We need to plan a day before to make them. As we have to soak and cook, cool and place them under sun. We normally place them under the sun early in the morning even before it comes up completely. So that we can save a lot of time and utilize complete sun light. 
We need to calculate water accordingly for soaking and cooking. Need to be very careful and use some common sense also.


Sago/Saggubiyyam - 1/2 kg
Green Chillies - 100 to 150 grms
Salt - to taste
Cumin Seeds - 100 grms
Sesame Seeds - 100 grms
Asafoetida - 1 tbsp
Water - to soak sago


Soak sago/saggubiyyam in water for four to six hours. Calculate water and sago. For one cup of sago take three to eight cups of water. So add water accordingly. 
When we soak sago, if they become soft and little bulge within the given time, they take less water i.e. approximately for one cup of sago add three cups of water.
If they do not change their texture, they take more water, i.e. approximately for one cup of sago add four to eight cups of water. 
Add less water for pressure cooking them. Be careful while adding water, if we add more water it will become like starchy. We can add more water at a later stage. 
Pressure cook it for four to five whistles. Let it to cool completely.
If the consistency of the batter is too thick like that of cake add water, the batter should not be too thick or too thin. It should be in pouring consistency only. 
Add green chilli paste, salt, cumin seeds, asafoetida and sesame seeds. Mix well. Cook for a while.
Normally we pressure cook it before night only and add all other ingredients the next morning just before making them.
Allow this to cool to handle it. Use a spoon r ladle to place them. 
Place a white plastic sheet under the sun, make round shaped fryums with a spoon. Make small size or big ones, choice is ours.  
Let them dry under hot sun for one or two days. Again it depends on the sunshine. 
Once they are dried completely they will come out of the sheet on their own. Store them in an air tight container. They can be stored for one full year also.
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Procedure for frying:

Heat oil in a kadai, slowly add two or three fryums at once.
Fry them in low flame. 
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