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Rice Rava Recipe at Home | How to make Rice Rava at Home | (Biyyam Rava)

Hi friends, today I am not posting any recipe but sharing on how to make rice rava at home. Normally I use store bought rice rava. But when I came to know how to make rice rava at home, I started making it. Making rice rava at home is very easy and simple. All that we need is only rice. We can make different recipes with rice rava or biyyam rava. The rice rava we make here cannot be used for idlis. It is made with regular rice not with idli rice or parboiled rice.
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Rice Rava at Home
Here I made only 1 Cup rice rava, but we can make as much as we want. We have to soak double the quantity of rice to make rice rava. If we need 2 cups of rice rava then we have to soak 4 cups of rice.
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Rice Rava at Home

  • 2 Cups Rice

  • Procedure:
    1. Wash and Soak the rice for about an hour or so.
    2. Drain water and spread the rice on a clean cloth.
    3. Allow the rice to dry for one hour.
    4. Add the rice into a blender jar.
    5. Grind the rice coarsely.
    6. Sieve it on a wide plate or on a paper to get rava and flour.
    7. The big particles left in the sieve is rice rava.
    8. The fine flour is sieved.
    9. Store Rice Rava in an air tight container for 2 to 3 months.

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