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Peanut Chikki Recipe -- How to make Peanut Chikki (healthy peanut chikki recipe)

Hi friends, Today I am giving you the best peanut chikki recipe. It is a power packed, just 2 ingredients recipe. I can assure you all that it is really a healthy peanut chikki recipe. We can have this homemade peanut chikki anytime during the day. Peanut chikki recipe is made with sugar and jaggery both. Chikki made with jaggery is more healthier than the one made with sugar. We can get the benefits of jaggery and also peanuts.
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Peanut Chikki Recipe
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Peanut Chikki Recipe

Peanut Chikki -- A healthy mid-day meal.

  • 2 Cups Peanuts/Ground Nuts/Palli
  • 2 Cups Jaggery
  • Ingredient 3
  1. Heat a thick bottomed kadai.
  2. Add peanuts to it and dry roast them till they turn light brown.
  3. This may take around 15 to 20 mins time.
  4. Roast them in low flame only.
  5. Roast them till the skin of the peanuts comes easily.
  6. Once they are done, spread them in a plate and allow them cool completely.
  7. Remove the skin of the peanuts and clean them.
  8. Again heat the same kadai, add 2 Cups of jaggery to it.
  9. Add little water.
  10. Mix it well and allow the jaggery to melt.
  11. Once the jaggery melts completley, let it boil for a minute.
  12. Switch off the stove and add peanuts and mix them swiftly.
  13. Apply a little ghee to a plate or onto the cooking platform.
  14. Spread this mixture and press it forcibly.
  15. If you spread the mixture onto the cooking platform, we can press it using the rolling pin.
  16. Allow it to cool compleltely. Cut it into squares or your desired shapes and size.
  17. Serve peanut chikki recipe anytime during the day. Mid-day is the good time to enjoy the peanut chikki.

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