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Palli Undalu/Peanut Laddu/Groundnut Laddu

Delicious, crunchy and nutty peanuts or groundnuts are rich source energy and contain health benefiting nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins are essential for optimum health. 
Any recipe with them is really very tasty.This laddu is no less tasty and also good for health.


Groundnuts/Peanuts/Palli - 200 grms
Jaggery - 200 grms


Heat the wok. Dry roast peanuts. While roasting peanuts we need to be careful. First heat the wok and then only add peanuts. Keep the flame in simmer and using a spatula roast them till the aroma came out. Normally people may prefer to roast them in the oven but I prefer do it only on the stove so that we can fry them uniformly, instead of burning some of them. 
Spread them in a wide plate to cool down. Once they cooled remove the skin by rubbing them with a kitchen towel or we can do it with our palms also.
Cut jaggery and put it in a wide and thick bottomed vessel. Pour enough water to cover jaggery. Allow it to melt. Cool it for while and string through fine sieve to remove dust from it. Pour cleared jaggery syrup in a wide and thick bottomed vessel. Boil it to get soft ball consistency.
To check the consistency: Take little water in a bowl, add small amount of syrup. Roll it with fingers if it is formed into a small soft ball then consider it reached to required consistency. Immediately put off the stove and add the skinned peanuts to it. Mix it well and make laddus when it is enough warm to handle it. Apply a little water to the palm and make laddus. Crunchy and tasty peanut laddus ready to serve. Once they come to room temperature store them in an air tight container.

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