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Rasam Recipes -- Rasam Varieties

The season changed, it is raining sometimes and sometimes it is very hot. This season we need to have something in our daily diet which is healthy and tasty, and also helps in digestion. I promise rasam is the best source for that. Rasam is a South Indian stew served with rice or consume it as an appetizer. We can make different varieties of rasam. A lunch or dinner menu is incomplete without rasam in my home. We get the rasam powder in the grocery stores or else we can prepare it at home also. I prefer to use home made rasam powder only. Of course, not all the varieties of rasam needs powder, some do not need rasam powder at all, like inguva charu. For some varieties, we need to make instant powder. Wherever any recipe calls for rasam powder refer the given powder recipe.

Here is a collection of 12 varieties of rasam we prepare them often. Some more are in the queue.

Rasam PowderRasam Powder RasamSouth Indian Rasam garlic rasamGarlic Rasam -- Vellulli Charu -- Rasam with Garlic Peppercorns Healthy RasamCurry Leaves Rasam Recipe | How to make Curry Leaves Rasam Recipe (Healthy Rasam)
Garlic RasamVellulli Charu -- Garlic Rasam -- another variety Nimmakaya CharuNimmakaya Charu/Lemon Rasam Tomato Coconut RasamTomato Coconut Rasam Recipe -- How to make Tomato Coconut Rasam Tomato RasamTomato Rasam Recipe -- How to make Tomato Rasam
Raw Mango Rasam
Raw Mango Rasam -- Raw Mango Rasam Recipe -- Mamidikaya Chaaru
Simple Garlic Rasam
Simple Garlic Rasam Recipe -- How to make Simple Garlic Rasam Recipe
Jeera Rasam
Jeera Rasam Recipe -- How to make Jeera Rasam
Invuga Charu
Inguva Charu Recipe -- How to make Inguva Chaaru
Simple Rasam
Healthy Rasam Recipe -- How to make Healthy Rasam Recipe -- easyvegrecipes
Simple Rasam
Instant Tomato Rasam Recipe | How to prepare Tomato Rasam (Karnataka Style)

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