Masala Mulla Murukku Recipe -- How to make Masala Mulla Murukku

Hi, Good Morning. Thank you, friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make masala mulla murukku recipe.
Masala Mulla Murukku
Mulla murukku can be made in two different ways, one with masala and the other without masala. I got it from one of my friends and it is with masala. This is the first time I am making these murukkus and they turn fantastic. All of the family liked it.
These murukkus and any snacks are made during the festival season. I keep them available even in normal days also as my kids love to have such kind snacks in their school box also. I also like to munch them with any leafy vegetable dal.
We use rice flour for this murukku. We can get rice flour from store and use it. If we can get it done in flour mill, that is always advisable.

Ribbon Pakoda Recipe -- How to make Ribbon Pakoda

Hi, Good morning. Thank you friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make ribbon pakoda recipe.
Ribbon Pakoda
Ribbon pakoda or ribbon murukku is another teatime snack item. These can be store for a week or more. There are different varieties of murukku we make. Janthikalu, chekkalu, murukku, butter murukku etc., They can be store for a week or more. We use different flours and taste may vary but almost all of them make in the same process. It all depend on the place and region we live in.
The basic and main ingredients in them are besan, urad dal flour and rice flour. We can get them done in the neibouring flour mill or we can get them from ggrocery store. I nomally have both, some from the stores and some I get it done in the mill.
Now a days we are getting fine quality flours in the grocery stores also, but earlier people used to get them done in mills. During my childhood days, me and my brothers used to go the flour mills and get them done so my mother can prepare such kind of snacks in the home.
Though they may not contain oil in them, people think that they are not good for health. They are deep fried in the oil so they may think like that. But we at home use fresh oil and we take very little of them so they are harmless. So we can enjoy them happily without any hesitation.
Some more teatime snacks like Janthikalu, pappu chekkalu,

Bhel Puri Recipe -- How to make Bhel Puri

Hi, Good Morning. Thank you, friends and viewers. Todya I will post how to make bhel puri recipe.
Bhel Puri
I am fascinated by certain names like pav bhaji, paneer, masala dosa, uttappam, irani chai(very famous in Hyderabad) with osmania biscuits, falooda,bhel puri and the list goes on.. Somehow it drools in my mouth when I heard these names. Some I have them regularly and some very rarely.
Bhel puri is the most common street food in India. It is a mixture of veggies, spices and chutneys with lot of puffed rice. It has to be consumed immediately. Mostly it is served in cities with beaches like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta and Vizag in India. Authentic bhel puri is served in Mumbai.
A very simple and tasty street food. But we need to prepare well in advance. We have to have chutneys like green chutney, sweet chutney. for chat we need to prepare sev and papdi. We can get them from store also. I make papdi and buy sev from the store, so that it will become easy for me to make bhelpuri. Chutneys anyhow will be there in the refrigerator.
I have links to green chutney and papdi, so I am giving them here. But sweet chutney notes will be given in the text itself.

Bitter Gourd stuffed with Onion Masala Recipe -- How to make Kakarakaya Ullikaram

Hi, Good Morning. Thank you, friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make stuffed karela with onion masala recipe.
Bitter gourd or karela is bitter in taste, but when cooked with spicy masala it tastes awesome. It is not liked by many though a very healthy vegetable. I too do not like it much but for health reasons consume it once in a while.
Stuffed karela is the best way to make family members have it. Whenever I get small karela, wish to make stuffed curry. Stuffed Karela with dry masala is one way of making stuffed curry and the other is the one I am presenting. I picked it from my MIL.
To prefer using less oil, I pressure cooked and then make a slit to stuff masala. But we can stuff the masala without pressure cooking also, but it takes lot of oil. You can cook either way, according to out preferences.

Banana Bread Recipe -- How to make Banana Bread

Hi, Good Morning. Thank you, friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make banana bread recipe.
Thanks to my blogger friends #HariChandanaPonnaluri for her valuable tips on baking. She inspired me and gave me simple but very valuable tips for baking. From then onwards I am able to bake cakes, muffins and banana bread without fail. Earlier whenever I bake either they are soggy or half-baked or sometimes turns out to be full crust.
This is my first ever baking recipe. I hope to post it with full detail and if possible detailed photographs. My kids love this dish very much. I make it regularly. Now I am expert in making it :P
Baking is not as easy as cooking on stove top. I love baking but a little bit scary about the end result. All ovens are not the same. We should keep ourselves hang around to learn it completely. Each and every oven varies in temperature and functionality.
I have a LG MC-7880PSR Convection model oven. It has got 27 autocook methods. Here in the recipe, I am giving the temperatures and time I set in my oven. But you change accordingly.

Ridge Gourd Curry Recipe -- How to make Ridge Gourd Curry

Hi, Good Morning, Thank you, friends and viewers. Today I will post on how to make Ridge Gourd Curry recipe.
Ridge gourd, though not liked by many but is a healthy vegetable. It has a lot of fibers in it. It is another recipe which is very easy to make. It may take a little more time to cook as the vegetable contains water in it. Whenever I have to cook a curry without onion and garlic it also preferred among the others.
A very simple curry which needs very less ingredients. If the cumin seed powder is readily available in the pantry then making this curry becomes more easy. That is also one reason I am not posting step by step pics for this recipe. We can use store bought cumin seed powder or we can prepare it instantly by just grinding a spoonful of cumin seeds along with red chilli powder.

Sheer Khorma Recipe -- How to make Sheer Khorma -- Ramadan Special

Hi, Good Morning, Thank you friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make sheer khorma recipe.
Sheer Khorma is made during Ramadan festival. It is a festival vermicelli pudding. It is a traditional Muslim festive breakfast and a dessert for celebrations. This special dish is served in the morning of Eid day after the prayer as breakfast. In Persian Sheer means milk and khorma mean dates. This dish is made from dried dates.
This recipe needs special vermicelli and some dry fruits. It is available in the supermarkets during Ramzan season. This vermicelli is very thin and can be easily crushed with hands.
This dish I prepare it during Ramadan festival and also whenever I crave for sweet, I prpepare it. Some I may not have all the necesary ingredients except dates, still I make it with them also.

Thotakura Vadiyalu Kura Recipe -- How to make Amaranth Leaves Curry

Hi, Good Morning. Thank you, friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make thotakura vadiyalu kura recipe.
Thotakura Vadiyalu Kura
Thotakura or Amaranth leaves curry is a simple and easy curry to make. It has rich dietary fibers in it and curries with these leaves makes bowel movements easy. We make the best use of these leaves. We make pappu and different varieties of curries with it. There are three ways to make curry with these leaves. Saute tomatoes and onions and add necessary spice powders to it, serve it with rice or roti. Finely chop them, add bengal gram,rice flour along with the required amount of salt and chilli powder. Make small balls with this and shallow fry them.
This is another variety wherein we have to fry sun dried urad dal chips or vadiyalu. Keep them aside. Chop and saute leaves, add minced ginger and cook. Lastly add fried vadiyalu. Serve it immediately. To make this curry we need to have minapa vadiyalu/badi. We prepare them during summer and store. Serve for munching along with rasam and sambar. Can also be added to curries. Those who don't store them can get them from stores and make this curry. If we have to prepare them we have to do it only during summer, during the first fortnight of April.
For the recipe of them click here.
Here in Hyderabad we get leafy vegetables tied into bunches. Normally I bring 5 to 6 bunches to make this curry. It serves 4 to 5 people. If we measure the chopped leaves with a cup, we get 2 to 3 of them.

Nalla Karam Podi Recipe -- How to make Nalla Karam Podi

Hi, Good Morning, Thank you friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make nalla karam podi recipe.
Nalla Karam podi or powder is the best accompaniment for idli, dosa and also to hot piping rice. It is very spicy powder. I am very fond of the powders served in restaurants when we order idli/dosa. They look very tempting. I always wanted to try those powders but never get them as spicy as they were served in hotels. Once when we had a kitty in Susila's house, she served it. I liked it very much and it was exactly the same taste as it is served in restaurants. I took this recipe from her. She makes it in traditional stone mortar and pestle. Yeah, making it in that is very difficult but tastes awesome. If we do not have mortar and pestle at home we can make it using a blender, but we need to do a little portion at a time. If we do all at one go, we get semi powder. As the moisture in garlic and tamarind makes it wet. Do not reduce the number of red chilies as it should be spicy, then only it tastes good.

Ariselu Recipe -- How to make Ariselu

Hi, Good morning. Thank you friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make ariselu recipe.
Ariselu or athirasalu are the most important festive sweet of sankranti or Pongal. If we cannot make them at least we buy them from nearby stores. This is the season we get fresh rice grains from the harvest, the first sweet people make with them is ariselu and sweet pongal or chakkara pongali as we call it. without ariselu and sweet Pongal Sankranti or Pongal is incomplete.
Sweet pongal or chakkara pongali have to be made on the day of festival. Ariselu can be made before hand.
There are certain important points we need to know before making them. Soak rice for at least 5 to 12 hours, it may vary depending on the quantity. Drain excess water and dry it on a cloth for half an hour, immediately grind it to a fine powder. Rice should be wet only. Normally, here in India we will have separate flour mills for grinding wet rice. Don't get confused, we can make flour with wet rice also without adding water.
If we are making less quantity, we can grind it using our blender jar. But we need to sieve till we get smooth flour. This rice flour will have moisture in it. We need to keep it tightly pressed so that the moisture can be protected. We have to make ariselu immediately, once the flour dry out we cannot make ariselu.
For making ariselu we have make chalividi or sweet dough with the flour. The most important task in making ariselu is making of this dough only. We have to have an instrument for making them, which is known as ariselu presser or maker. Two small flat wooden plates, one with a handle and the other one is flat. We need to place the flat one in a plate and press arise with handle one. So that excess oil can be drained completely.
Of course, without this special tool also we can make ariselu, as I did. I do not have ariselu maker. So I used steel container and a small vessel. I kept steel container in the bottom and pressed arise with another vessel. I kept this entire thing in a wide vessel, so that the entire excess oil would drain into it.


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