Festival Recipes -- Sankranti Special Sweets n Snacks

India is a land of festivals, they celebrate them in different ways in different places. For some Diwali is most important and for some Durga puja and for some Pongal. Sankranti or Pongal or Bihu is a harvest festival in India. Farmers get fresh crops. They pray to god for the good harvest. Cleaning and painting of the houses take place particularly during this festival. They decorate bulls and cows, they help farmers in farming, during this festival.
Festival means a lot of food, sweets, and snacks are made and distributed among people as goodies. I am listing some of them from my blog here for a quick reference. Click on the images to have a detailed recipe.


Pappu Chekkalu Pappu Chekkalu
Sev -- KarapusaKarapusa
Medu VadaMedu Vada


Nuvvula LadduNuvvula Laddu
Chakkara PongalChakkara Pongal
Peanut LadduPalli Undalu
Til ChikkiTil Chikki
Putnalapappu UndaluPutnalapappu Undalu

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