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Raw Banana Stir Fry -- Arati Kaya Fry -- How to make Arati Kaya Fry

Raw Banana is not the usual banana fruit available in the market. This is specially meant for cooking, as we do not cook fruit banana. Both of them have their own qualities. We use this for making different varieties of curries. Raw Banana curry, Banana Pindimiriyam, Raw Banana Powder for which it should be a bit ripen. 
This is a simple dish. This is also very healthy dish, People suffer from dysentery it is the best treatment. This is also needs very less ingredients like potato stir fry. It is a best accompaniment to the rasam rice.


Raw Banana - 2
Salt - to taste
Red Chilli Powder - 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp


Peel the skin of the bananas, Cut them into small pieces. Drop them in water so that they do not loose their color. 
Heat oil in a kadai till the fumes comes up. Then slowly drop the banana pieces. Be careful while dropping oil may spill over. We need not use lot of oil, use only above mentioned amount of oil.
Immediately fry them using a spatula. I always prefer to use only spatula for stir frying. With it the pieces of curry won't stick to each other and we get separate pieces.
Once the banana pieces turn soft add salt and red chilli powder. 
Serve raw banana stir fry with rasam rice. Kids love it very much.

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