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Fenugreek Powder/Methi Seeds Powder/Menthi Podi

Cuboid shaped, yellow colored fenugreek seeds are frequently used in Indian Cuisine. They have bitter and flavorful taste. They are roasted to reduce their bitterness. They are used whole or powdered in preparation of pickles, dals, and also in some spice mixes.  
We do not Sun dry them to make powder but we dry roast them.We use it more in this season for pickles. Normally we do not get it in stores, so we have to prepare it at home only. 
The one we get it in the stores is directly powdered. It is used only in beauty tips. Fenugreek seeds are very healthy spices. 
They have lot of fibers, which are useful in digestion. People with constipation take one spoonful full of fenugreek seeds, soak them in buttermilk overnight and gulp them in the early morning before taking anything else along with a glass of water. This will improve the bowl movement perfectly.
Soaked fenugreek seeds paste is useful for glowing and strong hair. Apply it over the scalp, allow it to rest for half an hour. Then wash out with warm water.  It acts as a good conditioner. 
Diabetic people should consume one spoonful of fenugreek powder to keep blood sugar levels under control.


Fenugreek Powder - 100 grms


Heat a kadai and add these seeds, dry roast them for two to three minutes. 
Roast them till the aroma of fenugreek seeds comes out.
Do not over roast as they will become dark and the powder does not taste good. The fried fenugreek seeds color should be like that as shown in the picture below.
Allow them cool down completely. Grind them to a fine powder. Normally we do not sieve it as we get fine powder. 
Store it in a clean and dry container. 

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