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Cumin Seeds Powder -- Jeera Powder -- Jeelakarra Podi

Cumin Seeds or Jeera is very much integral part of Indian cuisine. Without it Indian cuisine is incomplete. Cumin Seeds are tiny in size but they have a strong flavour. They are used as seasoning in most of Indian curries and dals. They are powdered and also used in some recipes. 

Besides its culinary uses Cumin Seeds are known for its medicinal properties. They are better known for curing digestion problems, boosts immune system and also excellent source of iron. 
Take a spoon full of cumin seeds and boil them in a glass of water. Boil till the water reduces to half portion. Drink it twice a day for three days. This water will reduce excess gases in the tummy to make us feel very light.

If tiny tots are unable to drink milk due to indigestion problem mix a pinch of roasted cumin seed powder in their milk and give.  This will help to digest. This is a home remedy used by many of us for our kids. Before taking them to doctor we prefer to try these simple home remedies. We give them even with rice also. Mix it with the first spoon of rice and make a small pebble sized ball and make them eat it.  For it we use roasted cumin seeds powder.

Now coming to this post it is again a simple process. Just as we made coriander powder we make jeera powder also. But it is made in two ways one roasted and the other is directly grind it. 
The roasted one is used for health benefits and the later one is used in cuisine. I am going to post both ways of making it as both are useful. 

Cumin Seeds Powder:


Cumin Seeds - 100 grms 


Dry them under sun for one or two hours. This will make it more aromatic. Grind it to make a smooth and fine powder. For once we do not get smooth powder, for that we need to sieve it. Sieve and grind it till we get smooth powder. 
Store it in an air tight container. This can stored for six months, but to have fresh and aromatic one make lesser portions.

Roasted cumin seeds powder:


Cumin Seeds - 50 grms
Salt - to taste


Heat kadai and roast them till the aroma comes out.
Allow them to cool it. Grind it to make a fine powder. We need not sieve it. Add salt and store it in an air tight container.

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