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Thampeta Recipe | How to make Thampeta Recipe (Orange Burn)

Hi friends, thank you all for visiting my website and youtube channel. Today's recipe is Thampeta recipe.
Thampeta (తంపెట), I really don't know how the name came. Those who can read Telugu can read the word given in the brackets. Others pronounce it first 'th' should be like 'Th' in 'theme', 'am' should be like 'um' in 'jump' or 'umbrella', 'pe' should be like in 'pen', and final 'ta' should be like in 'TOUGH', TURBINE.

Thampeta Recipe
Now about the fruit. It is called Citron or Oranges or Narinja in Telugu. According to google it is also called rough lime. We get them only in in Krishna, Guntur, Godavari and Prakasam districts of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Rather I have seen them only in those parts. These are available during winter season only. The fruit is sour in taste. Ripen fruit tastes sweet. The citron fruit skin has got lot of wrinkles or crease on it. Unlike sweet orange and lemon the skin of citron fruit is thick and also green in colour. Inside the fruit it appears like any other citrus fruit.
Now about the recipe. This recipe needs very less ingredients. And also it takes very less time to make. It goes very well with hot piping rice and a spoonful of ghee. Each half portion of the fruit can be shared among two people. Those who eat spicy food can take one half portion.
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Thampeta Recipe

Orange or rough lime cooked in barbeque way.

  • 1 Orange / Narinja Kaya
  • 2 Tsp Salt
  • 2 Tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1/2 Tsp Oil
  1. Cut the fruit into half as we cut any citrus fruit to make the juice.
  2. In a bowl add salt, chilli powder and cumin seeds.
  3. Mix them well.
  4. Add little oil too and mix them well to make a paste like.
  5. Put a spoonfull of the above made masal on the top of the fruit.
  6. Put the fruit on the stove top directly.
  7. Or we can use mesh plate too.
  8. Cook it in the low flame.
  9. Cook it till the flesh oozes out some juice or for 5 to 7 minutes.
  10. Once done the outer layer or skin of the fruit becomes black.
  11. Very Simple yet tasty Thampeta is ready to serve.
  12. There is a method to combine it with the rice.
  13. Take out the top layered salt, chilli mixture and mix it with rice.
  14. And squeeze the juice into rice and mix well.
  15. While mixing we may get the seeds, remove them and mix well.
  16. Add a spoonful of ghee. And again mix it well.
  17. Enjoy spicy tangy Thampeta!!!


  1. As I am trying it out for the first time, I didnt know if it is completely cooked or not. approximately, how long should it be cooked on low flame?

  2. It is better to eat directly applying salt and red chilli powder..


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