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Beaten Rice Mixture/Poha Chiwdaa

Thanks to Priya Buran for this tea time snacks. This is a typical Maharashtrian recipe. 


Poha/Atukulu/Beaten Rice-500gms
Roasted Chana Dal-100gms
Ground Nuts-100gms
Khus khus-50gms
Coriander Seeds-10gms
Cumin Seeds-10gms
Mustard Seeds-10gms
Dry Coconut-50gms (cut into 1"inche long pieces)
Curry Leaves-20 to 25
Sliced Onion-1 large 
Green Chilies-8 to 10 (split)
Salt-to taste
Turmeric Powder-1tsp
Red Chilli Powder-1tbsp


Dry roast poha/beaten rice till they become very crispy. Take it in a wide plate. 
Heat oil in a pan. Fry ground nuts till they turn to light brown colour and add them to the above roasted poha.
In the same manner fry roasted chana dal, til, khus khus and dry coconut pieces separately and add them to the poha.
Fry sliced onions, split green chillies till they turn crisp.  
Again heat oil add coriander seeds, mustard seeds,cumin seeds and curry leaves.
When mustard seeds start crackling add turmeric powder, salt and sugar to it. After switching off the stove add red chilli powder to it. Add this to the poha/beaten rice and mix well. Once taste it and if needed add salt.
Let it cool and store it in an air tight container. Serve it with tea.


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