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Instant Set Dosa Recipe | How to make Instant Set Dosa Recipe | No ferment Sponge Dosa

Hi friends, Thank you all for visiting my website. Today's recipe is instant set dosa. To make set dosa we need to ferment the batter for at leat 8 to 10 hours, but to make instant set dosa recipe we need not ferment the batter. We can prepare instant set dosa in just half an hour time. This is the best set dosa recipe I made recently. This is an easy instant dosa recipe. Sometimes we may not get time to soak and ferment for set dosa batter. At that time we can use instant set dosa recipe. The measurements mentioning here makes 12 to 18 dosas, each 2 or 3 for 6 people. You can increase or decrease the quantities of ingredients according to your requirement.

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Instant Set Dosa Recipe

set dosa - easy instant dosa recipe -- no ferment sponge dosa for breakfast

  • 1 and 1/2 Cup Poha/Flatten Rice/Aval
  • 3 Cups Sooji/Semolina/Upma Rawa
  • 1 and 1/2 Cup Curd
  • Salt to Taste
  • 1 Tsp Eno fruitsalt

  • Procedure:
    1. In a large bowl take poha and sooji.
    2. Mix them well and add curd.
    3. Mix it well and soak this for half an hour.
    4. After half an hour, grind all of them into a smooth batter.
    5. While grinding add water as per the requirement.
    6. Do not add more water. The batter should be like that of dosa batter.
    7. It can be a bit thicker also.
    8. Add salt and mix it well.
    9. Just before making dosas add ENO fruitsalt. Mix it well.
    10. Heat dosa pan, pour a laddlefull of batter.
    11. Do not spread the dosa.
    12. Allow this to cook for a minute.
    13. Sprinkle a spoonfull of oil over the dosa.
    14. Cook for a minute and flip set dosa.
    15. Cook for another minute and serve it.
    16. Serve hot instant set dosa with any spicy chutney.

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