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Plain Paratha recipe --How to make Plain Paratha(Indian Flat Bread Recipe)

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Today I am posting how to make plain paratha recipe. As a South Indian I know only two variants one is chapati and another one sukha roti or phulka. For me paratha is a dish which is made with stuffing something in the dough. But now with the advent of internet and everything is available in our hands(mobile) now I am able to make out the difference between chapati and paratha. Of course I am not going to do any knowledge sharing here about the differences. I like chapati/roti or plaing paratha very much. Given a chance I prefer to make them everyday, but selling them would become very tough for me as my people are not so fond of them. Once in a week there won't be any issue but everyday they are all rice or any SouthIndian stuff (dosa/idli) people.
I have learned the art of making chapati soft and layered from my neighbour aunty who is from the state of Maharashtra. This time I served Plain paratha with palak paneer, click here for the recipe. I have different varieties of parathas in the blog. Check out the recipes for
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Plain Paratha

Plain Paratha serve it with any curry or even with curd and sugar tastes heavenly.

  • 3 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
  • salt to Taste
  • Water
  • 3 Tbsp Oil
  1. In a wide bowl take whole wheat atta.
  2. Add salt to it and mix well.
  3. Add water little by little and mix the dough until it combines well.
  4. Knead it well with the support of palm and inner side of wrist.
  5. Add oil and knead again.
  6. Knead it thoroughly so that the entire oil absorbed into the dough. We have to knead approxametely for 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. Indication for this is the dough should not stick to our hands.
  8. Again apply some oil on the top of the dough and keep it aside.
  9. Cover it and keep aside to rest for an hour. It can be rested more than that also.
  10. After resting is over make equal portions of big lemon sized balls of the dough and make chapatis.
  11. Take one portion of the dough and dust it with some dry flour, roll it into small circle.
  12. Add a spoonful of oil and spread and make it into a half circle by folding in the center.
  13. Fold it again from one end of the half circle to the other to form a triangle shape.
  14. Again dust it with dry flour and roll it into circle, most of the times it turns out to be a triangle only.
  15. Roll it equally on all sides and make chapati. Do not apply too much pressure while rolling. Apply little flour if required while rolling.
  16. Heat tawa, drop the chapati on it.
  17. Cook until small air pockets appear on top of the chapati and the color of the chapati starts to changing.
  18. With the help of a flat spatula, flip the paratha and apply a spoonful of oil, spread it evenly over the chapati.
  19. Flip the paratha and again apply a spoonful of oil on the other side too. Cook until there are some brown spots on both sides of the paratha.
  20. Do not press the paratha with the spatula, just press gently on edges only.
  21. When both sides have golden brown spots, transfer the paratha to a plate or cassarole.
  22. Do the same with the remaining parathas too.
  23. Serve hot parathas with your favourite spicy curry or Dal Fry.

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