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Khubaani ka meeta

Khubaani ka meeta or Apricot dessert is a very special dish in Hyderabad. This is made with apricots. This recipe is mainly made in marriages and also in special occasions. Preparation of this recipe is very easy but a little effort is required.


Khurbaani or Apricot-500grms
Vanilla Ice Cream


Boil apricots in 2 cups of water. 
Boil them till they become soft. Allow them to cool and de-seed the fruit. Clean the seeds and break them to get the nut in it.

Add sugar and allow sugar to melt with the pulp.

We can add these nuts to the fruit pulp and boil them for 5 more minutes. If necessary add some more water, then again allow to boil. Boil the pulp till it gets jam like consistency.

Yummy, tasty khubaani ka meeta ready. Serve it with vanilla ice cream or plain custard. Serving suggestions

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