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Double ka meeta

Double ka meeta or bread pudding. As the name goes the sweetness in this recipe is also double. The required items for this recipe are Sandwich bread, ghee, sugar, elaichi powder and cashew nuts.  We need to spend a little time in making this recipe, but it tastes good.  The quantities used for this recipe are sufficient for ten people.


Sandwich Bread – 1 large loaf
Sugar-500 grms
Ghee –250 grms
Cashew nuts – 50grms
Elaichi powder-a pinch
Water- as per requirement


Cut the sides of the bread slices and make it into small pieces.As we cannot fry all of them at once. Take a small portion of bread pieces and shallow fry them in ghee till they get light brown color.Take them out from the heat. In the same manner fry the remaining bread pieces. 
Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup. Take a thick bottomed vessel. Add 500 grams of sugar and 3 cups of water to it. Dissolve the sugar and heat this for 10 to 15 minutes. While stirring occasionally check the sugar syrup. Make a thin sugar syrup.
Once the syrup is ready, let it cool for 5 minutes. Dip the fried bread pieces in to the syrup.  Add elaichi powder. If bread pieces are added when the sugar syrup is hot the bread pieces will lose their shape. Take a small kadai and heat ghee, fry cashew nuts. Add them to the bread sweet. While  serving them also we can decorate them on the top of the bread pieces.

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