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Indian Goose Berry in water/Uresina Usirikaya /Amla/Amalaki

Goose Berry or Indian Goose Berry is good for heart and health. October, November and December is the right season for getting good Goose Berries. After these three months we normally do not get them.So we keep them and store for the rest of the year. We pickle them, make dry goose berries by sun drying them. We prepare different varieties of dishes with them like dal, chutney, pickle and pulihora. We not only eat them, but also make oil with them and also use dried ones in head bath also.
Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant attributes, it protect the body against infection and improves the body's immune system. It contains rich fibers which improves the digestion system.
If I go on describing like this about the qualities of goose berry I may have to write one new page for it. Coming to this recipe, we need not cook anything just soak them in water and eat them.


Indian Goose Berry - 15 to 20
Water - to fill them
Salt - to taste
Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp


Preparing this dish requires no time. But to start eating them have patience to wait for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours time. Then they tastes juicy and also we get proper salty taste.  No need to use even a knife. 
 I do not how many of us know about this but it is very famous in our home. We buy separate small sized goose berries for this.  
Get small sized goose berries for this because eating them becomes easy and they take less time to soak. 
Take a jar or glass bottle put all the goose berries in it. Add water till all the berries float in it. Add required amount of salt and turmeric powder. Cover it with the lid. 
That's it, the goose berries in water are ready. Start relishing them only after 12 to 24 hours. We can store them for one week to 10 days. 

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