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Magaya Pickle Recipe -- Sun dried Raw Mango Pickle -- How to make Magaya pickle Recipe

Hi, Thank you friends and viewers. Today I am posting how to make Magaya pickle recipe.
This is another variety of raw mango pickle specially made in Telugu states. It comes in handy when we don't have any chutneys or side dishes for dosa or idly. Just add some curd and chopped onions, makes a very good side dish for dosa and idly. This pickle should be made only during a hot sunny day as we have to dry the mango pieces under the sun. Some people make it without Sun drying also, it is called as 'Pachi Magaya'.

All the precautions and rules in making the pickle stands good as Avakaya to this pickle also. Choose firm, mature and sour mangoes only for making this pickle. The varieties which are usually preferred are Tella Gulabi, Rasalu, Suvarna Rekhalu. If they are not available use any sour mangoes.

This pickle lasts over a year. So, prepare it in a clean and dry place and also use only dry and clean spoons to mix and to serve.

Magaya Pickle

Magaya pickle is another special dish from Telugu states, a perfect side dish for curd rice.

  • Raw Mangoes 10 Medium sized or 3 kgs
  • Salt to Taste
  • Turmeric powder 3 Tbsp
  • Roasted Fenugreek Seeds powder 5 Tbsp
  • Red Chilli powder 1/2 Kg
  • Gingelly Oil 1/2 Ltr
  • Asafoetida 3 Tbsp
  1. Wash and clean the mangoes with a clean cloth.
  2. Allow them to dry for sometime so that the moisture on the suface of the magoes goes off.
  3. Peel the skin and cut them into pieces.
  4. The mango pieces should not be too small or too big.
  5. Cut them randomly, no specific shape required or we can cut them into cubes also.
  6. Discard the seed.
  7. Add the mango pieces into a ceremaic jar or Bharani or Jadi.
  8. Add salt and turmeric powder. Mix them well and keep aside for three days for marination.
  9. This process would ooze a lot of juice out of the mangoes.
  10. On the third day, open the jar and mix well.
  11. Take a handful of mango pieces and squeze out the juice into the jar only and drop the mango pieces onto a plastic sheet. Repeat the same with rest of the pieces also.
  12. Dry them, under the direct sunlight, for one or two days, depending on the availability of the Sun. Approximately 5 to 7 hours per day.
  13. During the peak summer one day is sufficient.
  14. If needs to dry for second day also, put them back into the jucie overnight.
  15. Once they are dried and the salt added to them getting deposited on the surface of the mango piece add oil and spices to the pickle to use.
  16. It can be kept like that without adding oil and can be added whenever needed.
  17. Heat oil in a wide kadai, add asafoetida, roasted fenugreek seeds powder.
  18. Check salt in the mago pieces and if necessary add it also in the oil.
  19. Allow this to cool completely.
  20. Add red chilli powder and mix well.
  21. Transfer the entire oil and mixed spices to a wide plate.
  22. Add the mango pieces to the above oil and spice mix.
  23. Mix it well so that the oil and spices combines with the mango pieces completely.
  24. Transfer the pickle to clean and dry ceramic jar or bharani or jadi. cover with lid and tie with a clean cloth to retain the aroma of it.
  25. Take small portion of the pickle for regular use in a small bottle or cup.
  26. Serve the magaya pickle with Curd rice.
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