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Mango Pickle Recipe -- Andhra Avakaya Recipe -- How to make Mango Pickle

Hi, Thank you friends and viewers. How to make Andhra Avakaya Recipe?
Avakaya or Mango pickle is a spicy and mouthwatering recipe special to Andhra and Telangana. Though people of other state too make it, the spicy taste and red colour (that comes to it with the use of chilli powder) are exclusive only to Andhra and Telangana. Making of avakaya or mango pickle is considered to be a big event duringthe summer season every year.

This pickle stays for over a year. So, we have to prepare it in a clean and dry place. And, we should use only dry and clean spoons to mix it. Earlier, people used to prepare this pickle with more than 100 mangoes. We use freshly made ingredients. Nowadays, we get specially grounded ingredients in grocery stores. Mango varieties have to be carefully chosen. Mangoes that are sour in taste and have fiber should be selected for this pickle, but they should not be too much sour also. When we bite them for tasting, we should get some fibre with it. This makes the pickle last long and taste great.

Store them in a clean and dry ceramic jars or Bharani or Jaadi (in Telugu) and then put the lid and cover it with a clean cloth and tie it to retain the aroma and taste for full year, intact. Keep them at a clean, dry place. The pickle may be collected in a small bottle or a bowl for consumption.

While getting the mangoes is a task involving knack, cutting them is a herculean task. We use a special cutter for the mangoes that can cut the seed inside. The shell should not get separated while cutting, but the seed inside has to be taken off. The shell part should stay attached to the mango pieces to hold the ingredients to sink into the pieces -- the process of osmosis.

Now, coming to making of the recipe, the below mentioned quantities must be followed. They may vary depending on two things -- the sourness of the mangoes and the size of the mango. Usually, a mango can yield 8 to 12 pieces. Just in case, salt can be addedd after three days also. Here you go.

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Avakaya/Mango Pickle

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