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Rasam Recipes -- Rasam -- How to make different varieties of Rasam

Winter has come. Mornings are filled with chillness and fog around making us curl up for more time. This season we need to have some thing in our daily diet which make us get up from the bed and rush. So, to keep us healthy and keep running we need to have easily digestible and of course tasty diet. I promise rasam is the best source for that. So, enjoy spicy and hot rasam varieties from this blog,all compiled at one place.

Enjoy South Indian Rasam or Charu or Broth:

Rasam is the best South Indian delicacy. In fact, an age-old belief is that one's cooking skills can be testified by the quality of Rasam (as it is called in South India) or Charu (in Telugu) or broth (a concoction of a few spicy ingredients) he/she makes. To a large measure, it is true also.

A piping hot Rasam draws people to the dining table spreading so much of fragrance....Enjoy South Indian Rasam or Charu or Broth

Vellulli Charu -- Garlic Rasam -- another variety:

This is the best season for hot and spicy rasam, as the weather outside is very chill. This is another variety of garlic rasam. The recipe is suggested by my MIL.

Healthy Rasam -- Healthy Chaaru -- Rasam with Curry Leaves:

I have learned this recipe from my domestic helper.She used to prepare this whenever she feels sick and got the ingredients blended in my blender. So I also learn this and started preparing it whenever we have cold climate. It is really good for kids also, as the ingredients in this are good for digestion and helps in clearing the blockages in the throat. First we need to prepare masala and then make charu or rasam.
Healthy Rasam -- Healthy Chaaru -- Rasam with Curry Leaves

Garlic Rasam -- Vellulli Chaaru -- Rasam with Garlic and Peppercorns:

A good tangy and spicy recipe.  It goes well with rice or we can drink it as it is. A simple recipe. 
Garlic Rasam -- Vellulli Chaaru -- Rasam with Garlic and Peppercorns

Tomato Soup -- Tomato Rasam:

I donno the reason behind the name of this recipe, b'coz we consume this recipe with rice unlike other soups.  My Grandmother used to prepare this. My mother and my aunt learned this from her and so we all from them. My son calls it as 'soup rasam'. It is very easy to make and tomatoes are good for health especially heart. This can be stored for two days also.
Tomato Soup -- Tomato Rasam

Tomato Rasam -- How to make Tomato Rasam -- Tomato Chaaru:

Tomato rasam is a very simple, easy and tasty dish to make. This is the season for nice juicy and tangy tomatoes. Make best use of them by preparing Chutney,Tomato Chutney, Dal (Pappu), Avakaya, Puree, Toamto Soup, Tomato Masala Curry, Tomato curry and Chaaru. This is recipe I have learned from one of my friend, her mother is very famous in making different kinds of rasams though she is Telugugu.
Tomato Rasam -- How to make Tomato Rasam -- Tomato Chaaru

Tomato Coconut Rasam --  Kobbari Tomato Chaaru:

Tomato coconut rasam is a new dish. This dish I have learned from my mother. I do not know, where she got the recipe from. It is really a very tasty dish. We do not find any difference when we have a look at the dish but we find it only when we taste it.
Tomato Coconut Rasam -- Kobbari Tomato Chaaru

Raw Mango Rasam -- Raw Mango Rasam Recipe -- Mamidikaya Chaaru:

One more recipe with raw mangoes, a very simple and tasty mango rasam. I got this recipe from one of my friend's relatives. She uses mangoes in the place of tamarind for makng rasam, sambar also. We get a very different taste. 
Raw Mango Rasam -- Raw Mango Rasam Recipe -- Mamidikaya Chaaru

Majjiga Charu -- Rasam with Buttermilk:

Majjiga Charu is typical Andhra dish. It goes very well with rice. It is different from majjiga pulusu. It is another yogurt based dish and can be prepared very fast. Much ingredients are not required to make this dish, only onions and little yogurt or buttermilk are enough.
Majjiga Charu -- Rasam with Buttermillk

Nimmakaya Chaaru -- Rasam with Lemon:

Nimmakaya Charu or Lemon Rasam as the name goes it is made with lemon juice. A sour and spicy soup goes very well with hot piping rice. Of course we can have it as a soup also. It is very simple and easy dish to make.  Very less ingredients are required to make it.
Nimmakaya Chaaru -- Rasam with Lemon

Pachi Pulusu -- Raw Rasam:

Pachi Pulusu or raw rasam as the word goes is a unheated version of tamarind soup. This can be done in a jiffy as it does not need any cooking except for tempering and making masala.  Pachi Pulusu is a traditional Telangana recipe usually prepared during summers to beat the heat. 
Pachi Pulusu -- Raw Rasam

Pappu Charu -- How to make Pappu Charu Recipe:

Pappu charu is a complete Andhra recipe, a good accompaniment to hot piping rice. I have learned it from my friends. They normally add all other vegetable like carrot, okra, baingan etc., also, but I prefer to add only onion and garlic. We need to make a special powder for this. It is called sambar karam. Of course that can used in other curries. Those who taught me use it in other curries also. 
Pappu Charu -- How to make Pappu Charu Recipe

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