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Chilli Garlic/Vellulli Karam - another version

This version of vellulli karam or chilli garlic powder is normally
 suggested to the newly delivered mothers in our society. It is believed that the elements present in garlic improves the immune system. It should be served with ghee or clarified butter. Garlic and ghee combination tighten the muscles as they tend to loose after delivery.  To give it to newly delivered mothers we do not add dals, even if we have to add, we add only black gram/urad dal. 


Coriander Seeds/Dhaniya  - 1 tbsp
Black Gram/Urad Dal - 1/2 tbsp (optional)
Red Chillies - 7 to 10
Tamarind - pebble sized
Garlic - 10 to 15
Salt - to taste
Oil/Ghee - 1 tbsp


Heat oil/ghee in a wok. Roast coriander seeds, black gram, red chillies and tamarind separately.
Without add garlic and salt grind the above ingredients into a coarse powder.
Once they are done add salt and again grind it. 
Lastly add garlic with skin and grind it make a powder. If we want to make chutney add some water and grind it. Normally we use it in the powder shape only. Store it in an air tight container. Serve Vellulli Karam with hot piping rice and ghee. Have it with the first bite of rice for better healthy results. 

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