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Poori with Aloo Kura/ Potato Curry

My most favourite breakfast is poori kura. Making poori is very easy. People with calorie conscious cannot relish this recipe, but once a while eating high calorie food is also good for health.
For making pooris we need whole wheat atta and oil.


Whole Wheat atta-3 cups
Salt-to taste
Water-as required
Oil-for deep fry


Add salt to the atta and add water and mix well. This will make the dough for puris. The puri dough should be a little tight and dry.
Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan till fumes come out.
Meanwhile we can make pooris. To make pooris, we can use poori presser or roller pin. Press them gently to make round, they should not too thin or not too thick, pooris.
Slowly drop pressed pooris in the hot oil and move them with the help of a perforated laddle.  It will drain excess oil from the poori. Turn them and cook till they turn brown colour.
Once we drop the poori in the hot oil they will puffs up like a round ball as the moisture in the dough changes into steam and it will expands in all directions.
If pooris puff in all directions then they will make soft pooris otherwise they will be little crispy.
The best accompaniment for the poori is Potato Curry made in Andhra style.

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