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obbattu/puran poli/ Holige

Obbattu is a very interesting sweet and tastes good. Making it is a very difficult task. We need a lot of patience. To get a perfect texture and taste we need lot of experience also. Of course we need lot of confidence also :).  Whenever I make I do very little quantity. 


Chana Dal/Senaga pappu-1cup
Elaichi Powder-1tsp
All purpose flour/maida-11/2cup
Oil-1cup or more depends on requirement


Add water and oil in maida to make a dough. Keep it aside for three to four hours. 

Soak dal for one hour and grind it into a smooth paste. 
While grinding do not add water, so the dough will be thick and smooth. Pressure cook the above grounded dal for three whistles. 

Add sugar to the dal when it is hot and let it cool. Add elaichi powder. Mix well with a spatula. 
The puran or purnam for obbattu is ready now. 

I normally use banana leaf to make obbattu. We can use plastic paper also. This time I am also using plastic paper, actually it is an oil packet. 
Apply a little oil to the banana leaf or to the plastic paper. 
Take a small ball of all purpose flour and spread it circularly by patting.Put one small ball size of puran or purnam on it and cover it with the all purpose flour completely.
While patting on it make this obbattu in a circular form.  

Heat tawa, pour one spoon oil and cook this  obbattu in a low flame.

Serve hot or cool it and serve with ghee or hot milk.

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