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Tomato Avakaya

This is the season for tomatoes. We get ripened and watery tomatoes for a bit of cheaper price. Tomatoes are good for heart. They can be used in chutney, dal, curry and of course in rasam. This is a different type of avakaya. We need not cook anything, just mix all the necessary ingredients and have it with rice or dosa.  It can be stored for a month maximum. 


Mustard Powder/Rai Powder-2tbsp
Red chili Powder-2tbsp
Fenugreek Seeds-1/2tbsp
Turmeric Powder-2tsp


Make one tomato into four or eight parts. 
Cut all the tomatoes in the same way. Take a wide dish and add mustard powder, red chili powder, salt, fenugreek seeds,turmeric powder and asafoetida.  Mix all of them well. 
Add tomato pieces to the above mixture. Again mix them well. 
Add oil to it and again mix them well. 
Country tomatoes will have a little sour taste. So we need not add any tamarind or lemon juice to have sour taste to this pickle.
Leave it for a while so that tomatoes oozes a little bit of juice. Store this in an air tight jar. 

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