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Simple Curd

Curd is the rich source of calcium and riboflavin, readily digestible proteins. It is an ideal diet for sensitive digestive systems. It can be in the form of lassi or buttermilk or let it be as it is, the most delicious of all.
Curd or yogurt is known as perugu in english and dahi in hindi. Preparation of curd will take minimum of 6 to 16 hours. It is common practice to finish any meal th yogurt or buttermilk in most of the South India.


Boil the milk and filter. Cool it to the room temprature. Add a spoonful or drop of previous batch of curd and mix it well. Allow it to stand for 12 hours.
The quality and taste of curds depends on the previous batch curds.If the previous one is sour the fresh will also tastes sour. The time taken to curdle also varies with the seasons. In the hot weather it will take only 6 hours and in the cold weather it will take 16 hours. In cold weather, it is better to add previous batch of curd  in warm milk only.

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