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Avakaya(pickle with raw mango)

This is the season for raw mangoes. Pickles with raw mangoes are very tasty and they can be stored for year long.  We can make so many varieties of pickles with raw mangoes. They go very well with steamed rice. They can be taken with dosas and idly. Suddenly guests come, this is the best recipe can be served with hot rice. Guests also pleased. To store pickles we need to have a special jars. Normally they are called as jaadi.


Raw mangoes-8 medium sized
Red chili powder-3cups
Mustard powder-2+3/4 cups
Salt-2+1/2 cups
Til oil-1ltr
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Fenugreek seeds-1tbsp
Garlic flakes-1/4 kg (optional)


Make each mango into 12 pieces.  Cut them along with the seed.
 Wipe them with a clean muslin cloth. Make them dry for a while.
 Take a big bowl add the above masala and add little oil to make the masala wet.
 Add the cut mango pieces with the masala. Put this pickle in the jar and add remaining part of oil.
         Cover the jar with lid and tie the jar with a clean cloth.
      After three days mix the pickle with a dry ladle. It is ready to eat.
This can be stored for one year.

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