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Thanks to one and all.

Hey !!! Who doesn’t like a praise or a pat on the back?

Especially, when your work is praised. Yep. This is true to all. And, you know what, I am no exception. As ordinary as any of the folks around, I too like a sweet praise.

Most of these are old and traditional recipes, which are made at home. It’s rare that you can order them at restaurants.
Lipsmacking delicacies, scrumptious food and a mouthwatering smorgasbord is what takes anyone on a gastronomical journey.

I am sure you will enjoy testing your culinary skills with these veg dishes.

Am not a vegan in that sense, and am not a meat eater too. Nor can I make non-veg food. You too can try these easy-to-make recipes and dish them out to your loved ones.

Satiate your taste buds.

Any queries about the recipes, you are free to contact me through my mail id: sailajaangara@gmail.com 

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Your feedback and comments are always welcomed and respected.

Bon apetit


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