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Maramaralu Laddu/Laddu with Puffed Rice

Maramaralu/Borugulu/Mureelu/Puffed Rice is made from rice. What is corn to popcorn is puffed rice to rice.We can make different varieties of dishes with puffed rice. It is a sweet dish. I love this one because it is very light and making it is also very easy. 


Puffed Rice/Maramaralu - 6 cups (approx)
Jaggery - 2 cups
Elaichi Powder - 1 tsp
Water - as per requirement


Cut jaggery and put it in a wide and thick bottomed vessel. Pour enough water to cover jaggery. Allow it to melt. 
Cool it for a while, Strain it through fine sieve to remove dust from the jaggery.
Pour cleared jaggery syrup in a wide and thick bottomed vessel. Add elaichi powder. Boil it to get soft ball consistency. 
To check the consistency: Take little water in a bowl. 
Add small amount of syrup to it.
Roll it with fingers, if it is formed into a small soft ball then it reached the required consistency. 
It should be neither too soft nor too hard. Too soft means making ladoos is very difficult and too hard means ladoos will become hard.  
Once we reach this consistency remove it from the stove and add puffed rice to it. Mix it well.
Apply a little oil or ghee to hands and make ladoos when the mixture is warm enough to handle. Make ladoos with two hands.
Crispy and sweet puffed rice ladoos ready. Allow them to cool and store them in an airtight container.

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