Dosakaya or yellow cucumber is used for making pappu and different varieties of chutneys. Other than pappu and chutney we can prepare avakaya with dosakaya. Preparation of dasavakaya is very easy and takes very less time. Of course it is spicy. We use red chilli powder, salt, and rai powder. We get all of them in the markets. This dosavakaya can be stored for fifteen days to one month. 


Dosakaya-2 medium sized
Mustard powder-1/2cup
Red chilli powder-1/2cup
Lemon Juice-3lemons

Wash dosakaya and wipe with a cloth. Let them dry completely. Cut them into two halves and take the flesh out then cut them into small blocks. In a separate large bowl mix rai powder, red chilli powder, salt and oil well. Now add the cut dosakaya pieces with the above mix and mix them well. Add lemon juice and again mix well. This can be served with hot rice. 

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