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Rawa Laddu

I love sweets very much. Whenever I wish to eat sweet I prepare rava laddu. It is the easiest sweet to prepare and of course very tasty. The main ingredient is semolina or upma rawa, coconut and sugar. The quantities in this recipe are to make 25 small sized laddus.


Coconut-1/2 cup
Elaichi Powder-a pinch
Cashew Nuts-50 grms
Milk-to make laddus


1. Fry suji in 1 tbsp of ghee.
2.Grate coconut in the mixer grinder.
3.Make powder of elaichis.
4.Fry cashew nuts in 1tbsp ghee.

Heat ghee in a kadai. Fry suji till brown color. 
Switch off the stove. 
Add sugar* to the suji. Mix well.
 Add grated coconut, elaichi powder, mix well again.
 Add fried cashew nuts to the above suji mixture.

As the mixture is dry we we need to add a spoonful of milk to it to make laddus. 
To make laddus, take a little portion of the suji' mixture and press it between the fingers and palm and make a ball.
As and when we feel the mixture is dried, again add a little milk and make laddus. That's all rava laddu is ready.
Decorate them with some cashew nuts.
Once they are cooled store them in a air tight container.
 These laddus can be stored for one week.

*Take 1:1 ratio of suji and Sugar.

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