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Gongura Pachchadi

Gongura is also known as puntikura in some parts of Andhra region. Gongura is called as sorrel leaves in english. It comes in two varieties, green stemmed and red stemmed leaf. Red stemmed leaf is more sour than green stemmed one. It is a good source of iron, vitamins, folic acid and anti-oxidants which are essential for human nutrition.The most famous and one of my favourite recipe is gongura pachchadi. The main ingredients in this chutney are of course gongura, onions, garlic cloves and red chillies powder. As gongura is sour in taste it takes a lot of salt and oil. 


Gongura/sorrel - 2bunches/2cups
Onion-1 large
Garlic cloves-10 or 15
Red chilli powder-2tbsp or according to taste
Salt-to taste
Mustard seed-1tsp


Discard gongura leaves from the stem and wash them.  Drain excess water by pressing the leaves with hand. 

Chop onions and remove the skin of garlic cloves. 

Heat 1tbsp oil in a kadai, put gongura leaves and saute them till they become soft. Keep them aside.

Again heat 4tbsps of oil in the same kadai, put mustard seeds. When they splutter add onions  and garlic and saute them. Once the onions becomes soft switch off the stove and keep it aside.

When the oil cooled add red chilli powder. 

Add sauteed gongura and also salt. Mix well. 

Serve this with hot rice and in combination give raw onions also.


Saute gongura properly. Once gongura sauteed properly need not grind it.  

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